rypy is the Russian pronunciation of the Gujarati word "Guru" and rypy e-learning hub is such an easily available learning platform for various types of students and courses that are designed by scholar teachers, are effortlessly available on the site.

rypy e-learning hub provides ample knowledge of all types of competitive exams such as JEE / NEET, GPSC, UPSC, Railway, GUJCET and all kind of Skill Development courses. rypy e-learning hub is the one-stop solution for all types of students and learners.

Rypy e-learning hub is such a platform where novices can learn any courses in their native language.

Our Mission

to Enhance actual Students capability by Providing digital courses

Our Vision

To be significant Platform in digital education world by 2030.

Our Values


Quality will always be our primary focus, and our service levels will clearly indicate just how we value your education


We will be passionate about achieving the highest level of actuality. giving to students is our primary concern.


We will be reasonable, reliable, transparent, and ethical in our educational courses.

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